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Nexus.Art is here to democratize the process of monetization for musicians & artists, finally making the dream of the independent artist a reality. offers a true opportunity for those investors who have the foresight to support the artists who they truly believe in… naturally it’s a vote of confidence in their future work. So you’re willing to stake your home on Bitcoin but not on your favorite artist or game developer? Let’s ignore the recent FOMO & FUD & get to the point. NFTs truly have the potential to shift the paradigm & change the world. 

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NEXUS.ART Free nft minting

You can start minting your own NFTs right away by signing up as a creator.

NFTs simply give you the freedom to ID your digital creations as your own… the authentic & original. Think of it as an easy way to trademark & copyright your work in perpetuitum with everyone who possesses a copy of it always linked directly back to you. You can also designate any percentage you want to be paid on the resale of your art.

The Nexus platform exists to empower both creators & consumers, offering an open marketplace for NFT music, art, games, films & immersive or VR experiences. We’re a the place to securely & successfully market your original body of work or invest in the creators you know & love.

But we’re not trying to convince you, we’re sure you’ve already heard the news.


Beeple sells NFT for 69 million $

Music NFT Minting


Eevee Pokemon Eevee no.133




Shiny Umbreon Pokemon #197

Getting Started with Music NFT Platform Nexus.Art

Want an easy way to understand NFTs? David Bowie, always the consummate innovator, basically invented NFTs! So let’s give credit where credit’s due. His Bowie Bonds allowed you to invest in him as an artist & performer, using as collateral the royalty streams from current and future album sales and live performances by David Bowie.

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