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THE NEXUS OF ART & COMMERCE is here to democratize the business of art & music, finally making the dream of the independent artist a reality. Power to the people! 

Artists & Musicians!  Stop wasting time & start making 💰💰💰 from your life’s work. We offer FREE NFT Listings on Polygon!

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Free Music & Art NFT Minting


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You also designate any % you want to be paid on the resale of your art.

Beeple NFT

The Nexus Platform exists to empower both creators & collectors, offering an open marketplace for NFT Art, music, games, films & immersive VR & AR experiences. We’re the best place to successfully market your body of work or invest in the creators you know & love.

But we’re not trying to convince you, we’re sure you’ve already heard the good news!

Beeple sells NFT for 69 million $

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