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THE NEXUS OF ART & COMMERCE is here to democratize the business of art & music, finally making the dream of the independent artist a reality. NFTs truly have the potential to shift the paradigm & change the world. Power to the people! 

Artists & Musicians! Stop f*cking around & start making 💰 from your life’s work!

Investors! NFT Sales Surge to Over 10 Billion Dollars in 2021!

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Free Music & Art NFT Minting

You can start minting your own NFTs by signing up right now as a creator.

You also designate any % you want to be paid on the resale of your art.

Beeple NFT

The Nexus Platform exists to empower both creators & collectors, offering an open marketplace for NFT Art, music, games, films & immersive VR & AR experiences. We’re the best place to successfully market your body of work or invest in the creators you know & love.

But we’re not trying to convince you, we’re sure you’ve already heard the good news!

Beeple sells NFT for 69 million $

Creator or Investor ?

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Music NFT Minting

What Are NFTs?

Artists! Stop F*cking Around & Start Making Money. 💰

Wait, what the heck are these NFTs again? Grimes made over 7 million releasing NFT music, The Weeknd over 2 million. Beeple has made over 100 million just selling his NFTs. Are you paying attention yet? If not, let someone else make all your money doing what you love.

This is the Paradigm Shift. We are Nexus.Art

We make the buying and selling of NFT’s easy with NO FEES to mint your art. Our NFT platform is set up for creators, not just CryptoPunks. Just go to our website at Nexus.Art where we walk you through every step of putting your art on the blockchain.

Stop wasting time & get in on the NFT Gold Rush, your fans are waiting!

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