American Psycho NFTs Bridge the Gap of Traditional and Digital Wealth – PRNewswire

american psycho nfts bridge the gap of traditional and digital wealth prnewswire

American Psycho NFTs Bridge the Gap of Traditional and Digital Wealth – PRNewswire

Curio American Psycho

The experience will begin with the sale of 500 editions of the iconic Patrick Bateman and Paul Allen business cards. When buyers purchase one of the cards, they will be granted exclusive access to view, purchase and bid on 30 different “American Psycho” NFTs including 16 authentic images from the film. The newly released images will enable passionate fans to connect to the film in a new way, while the authentic images will be a reminder of the timelessness of the film and the impact it had on a generation. Three single-edition NFT animations — including Patrick Bateman as Bitcoin Psycho — are being sold in auction.

“We are honored and humbled to work with Curio, the leaders in bringing entertainment properties to the digital collectible space. We are impressed with Curio’s ability to transform the entertainment space through groundbreaking technology, exclusive partnerships and innovative fan engagement. We look forward to launching the first NFT auction featuring a top-tier film with unique art and original photography,” said Travis J. Rutherford, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Evolution. “The American Psycho NFT collection enables passionate fans to own a digital collectible of the iconic film. We believe this collection will resonate among all generations of fans, as they get to own a piece of cinematic history.”

These NFTs will be made available in a time where much of the themes of the classic film are permeating American culture, with an emphasis on a system that values material possessions that have shifted from the apartments and clothes of Wall Street in the 1980s to cryptocurrency and digital collectibles in 2021.

“For Curio it’s interesting to consider what it would look like if Patrick Bateman existed in the age of cryptocurrency and the similarities and differences of Wall Street today and in the 1980s,” said Rikin Mantri, COO of Curio. “We’re excited to partner with Evolution and DCA to explore how the digital symbols of wealth and prestige today compare to those from 35 years ago through exclusive NFT offerings.”

The American Psycho NFT collection will launch officially on June 28, 2021 on

Evolution is a leading brand monetization agency headquartered in Calabasas, California, servicing the popular culture, media, gaming, toy, personality, celebrity, character, publishing and lifestyle industry verticals. Evolution offers bespoke turn-key solutions, including strategic brand planning, market analysis, contract negotiations, legal support, product development, retail development, royalty collections, contract compliance, inventor relations as well as providing manufacturers a full service licensing acquisitions team. Evolution monetizes and enhances brand value via licensing, direct to retail partnerships, collaborations, experiential retail, direct to consumer sales and location based entertainment.

The agency’s clients include: Gaumont Television USA, Meredith Corporation, Stampede Ventures, Patricia Nash, Camden Media, The Dali Universe, ITV Studios, Morgan Creek Productions, Activision, TinyBuild Games, System Era Softworks, Tilting Point, OLO Industries, and The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation, among others.
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