Go ahead, smother yourself in “NFT perfume” – Financial Times

Go ahead, smother yourself in “NFT perfume” – Financial Times

Non-fungible tokens updates

You may or may not be aware that NFTs — which we have written about before here and here and here if you want to get more of a feel for what they are all about — are having another moment.

We were a little unsure about whether it was just our inboxes and Twitter feeds that were once again absolutely overflowing with talk of these non-fungible strings of 1s and 0s, but Google Trends confirms that it is not just us being targeted with this stuff:

So it was with some level of resignation that we opened this email that landed in our inboxes over the weekend:

L’Eau de Distance (LDD) launches a Digital Perfume: 
A limited-edition drop released as an NFT 
What does Crypto Smell Like?

At first glance we had thought that “L’Eau de Distance” was a clue that this was in fact just all a big joke — this must be some kind of humorous reference to the socially distanced madness of the past 18 months, surely?

But on closer inspection it seemed not. From the press release (with our emphasis):

New York-based visual artist Danilo Lauria announces the release of an NFT perfume, L’Eau de Distance. The digitally-powered scent will initially be launched in the virtual world through the crypto user platform, Hic et Nunc, concurrent with a campaign starring environmental activist Marina Testino as the face of the NFT scent. 

In May 2020, Danilo Lauria experimented with shooting remotely while quarantined in Barcelona, Spain. His L’Eau de Distance series explored the possibilities of creating digital content no matter the subject’s physical distance. Perfume expert Gunu Kapoor from PrivéLabel discovered the series on Danilo’s social media and approached him to make L’Eau de Distance a reality. 

Throughout the 2020 lockdown, the two collaborated on different elements that explored the “scent” of digital content to push perfume beyond its traditional context: removing the bottle. L’Eau de Distance is the result of that process and challenges the concept of fragrance and aims to address the scent of cryptocurrency.

You love to see it. Finally, someone has addressed the scent of cryptocurrency.

For anyone interested, L’Eau de Distance will launch on Tuesday and hurry up because it is strictly limited edition — 10 NFTs will be sold for 300 Tezos each. What’s that you say? If there are 10 then are they really NFTs given that the “NF” part signifies that they are unique and if there are 10 then those are in fact fungible? Oh, details, details. And they’re a real snip — at current rates 300 Tezos is just $1,659 and you get a bottle of real perfume afterwards too.

So readers, we would love to hear your thoughts: what does crypto smell like? Thought are most welcome below (do keep them PG).

We would call the peak, but that would be utterly foolish.

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