How Ginza Finds Market Potential Amid the NFT Boom – GlobeNewswire

how ginza finds market potential amid the nft boom globenewswire

How Ginza Finds Market Potential Amid the NFT Boom – GlobeNewswire

Singapore, Singapore, June 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ginza Network NFT Launchpad is an NFT project launchpad, which aims to help NFT blockchain projects raise funds. Ginza Network NFT Launchpad will help more NFT blockchain projects with a full range of consulting services, by leveraging the resource advantages of Coinan Smartchain in the blockchain space. help them increase their influence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the NFT field.

There are many similarities between the NFT of 2021 and the 1CO of 2017 and the cottage coin of 2013.

NFT in 2021 has the following characteristics: easy creation of new games without barriers, easy to understand and explain, brings a lot of new people into cryptocurrency, high prices and high Gas fees cause hype/FOMO, most do not hold value.

In his study of the NFT market, Ginza found that the best way to find value in NFT is to combine DeFi plays to give NFT sufficient liquidity to generate deeper value. The best way to find value in NFT is to combine DeFi plays to give NFT sufficient liquidity to generate deeper value.

NFT Industry Status

NFT really came to the public’s attention with CryptoKitties in 2017. On this virtual pet raising game based on the ethereum public chain, users can buy, breed and sell virtual pet cats after opening their ethereum wallets. News of a virtual cat selling for over $100,000 is common.

The infrastructure of NFT is various public chains, such as Ether (ETH), Flow and WAX. ETH is still the most dominant public chain with a more mature and robust ecosystem. Flow public chain is the new public chain launched by DapperLab, the parent company of CryptoKitties, at the time of ETH congestion, and carries the hottest NBA Top Shot. The main distribution platforms of NFT are Opensea and Rarible, the universal distribution and trading platform, Nifty Gateway, makersplace and Async. NFT’s main distribution platforms include universal distribution and trading platform Opensea, Rarible, art trading platform Nifty Gateway, makersplace, Async Art, etc.

NFT sales ranking up to now
NFT sales ranking up to now

Grab the exclusive NFT

When NFT goes on sale, users can go online and use Ginza to grab NFT. The Ginza spent on each grab will be destroyed, which helps Ginza deflation and facilitates price increase.

NFT Airdrop

Holders of NFT can regularly receive the official airdrop Ginza, which can be understood as holding NFT to get the official Ginza token reward for free. Encourage users to hold NFT.

NFT Casting

Ginza tokens will be used for NFT minting, mortgage, auction and trading, etc. Users can destroy Ginza for generating NFT, unlike the NFTs that need to be purchased, the NFTs that need to be purchased are rare, limited in number and difficult to purchase, and have absolute appreciation space, the NFTs that can be minted with Ginza tokens have moderate issuance, have certain scarcity, and also have The NFT minted with Ginza tokens are moderate in mintage, have certain scarcity and also have relative appreciation.

Secured Lending

For some investors who want to hold NFT for the long term but do not want to miss out on short-term investment opportunities, they can also borrow against the NFT they have purchased as collateral and lend Ginza or USDT at prime lending rates for short-term investments. If the value of NFT continues to soar, NFT holders can continue to lend more liquidity for investment without increasing their investment, and at the same time, they do not have to worry about missing out on the profit margin of the rising NFT price.

Ginza Economic Model

The total supply of Ginza is 660 million, Ginza is the original token of the project, the total amount is 660 million, and the tokens are allocated as follows:

15% Used in private placements

65% Liquidity Mining Pool

9% Business Development Capital Pool

5.2% Team Prep Pool

5.8% Market making of Ginza tokens

Ginza’s future plans

Ginza’s project will continue to evolve, NFT and blockchain are brand new to Ginza, and Ginza will gradually mature the project ecosystem as it progresses, as outlined in the project roadmap below.


Project Establishment

Main Online

Turn on GENE replacement

Released Whitepaper V1 version


Provide cross-chain trading services

On-line pop-up mining function

Support ETH, BSC cross-chain exchange

Issuing NFT and opening NFT trading market

Initial version of Ginza Network Swap released

2021 Q4

Start DAO Version 1

Complete Layer2 version development and deployment


Release V2 version, support instant quote, pending order trading

Release of Crosschain 2.0 and launch of well-known exchanges

A new era of NFT has opened

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