How Rario’s NFT Platform Leads Cricket Fans into a New World of Opportunities –

how rarios nft platform leads cricket fans into a new world of opportunities bitcoinist com

How Rario’s NFT Platform Leads Cricket Fans into a New World of Opportunities –


The sports industry is diving head-first into the NFT world. This project is leading the charge for the cricket community

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, with over 2.5 billion fans dedicated to following the age-old sport. Emerging in the ​​beginning in the late 16th century, the cricket industry is worth over the US $ 5.3 billion in just one country – India and growing aggressively.

As we creep slowly but surely into a more digitally-focused world, music, computer games, sports and events fans are looking for ways to connect with their favourite personalities and brands on a deeper level. The introduction of blockchain technology and the explosive rise of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has seen digital collectibles becoming more popular than ever, also presenting new and exciting avenues for brands, businesses and creatives to generate revenue.

Rario is guiding the world of cricket into an ever-digital age, with the introduction of an NFT platform that enables cricket fans to engage with world-renowned players and collect sporting moments that are immortalised and provably rare, thanks to blockchain technology. Built on the Polygon blockchain by a highly skilled team hailing from cricket-crazy India, Rario gives cricket lovers around the world a new way to own parts of sporting history and represents another step forward for the US$ 370 billion collectibles industry as a whole.

Own test match moments, backed by the best

The success of various sporting NFT platforms and events in recent months have only highlighted millions of fans’ appetite for digital content, with the world’s top talent in football, boxing, basketball and much more getting involved in the NFT industry. The sale of a limited edition Tyson Fury digital artwork on July 16th, 2021 for just under $1 million marked one of the highest bidding sports NFTs ever and shows that digital collectibles may be just starting their incredible journey.

The Rario team have already received considerable support from notable early investors that include Presight Capital and Kingsway Capital, and many unicorn founders; with a BETA version of the platform releasing on August 15th, the team is laser-focused on reaching future milestones which include upcoming private and public token sales.

Pack drops, partnerships and world-class players

More exciting upcoming events on the Rario platform include the release of the first NFT pack drop, which will give platform participants the opportunity to own moments from the previous 8 seasons of the upcoming Caribbean Premier League (CPL). Rario recently partnered publicly with the CPL, adding them to a quickly growing list of partners that includes the Lanka Premier League as well, with more in the works at the time of this release..

Building upon an already impressive list of professional cricket players that will be collaborating with the Rario platform are the likes of Indian legend and former World Cup winner Zaheer Khan, ICC Men’s T20I all-rounder rankings #1 Shakib Al Hassan, Faf du Plessis, Smriti Mandhana and the youngest Indian player to play all formats Shafali Verma. The Rario team plans to add many more recognisable names to the list in coming months.