Launching NFT Football Market’s first super rare collection – GlobeNewswire

launching nft football markets first super rare collection globenewswire

Launching NFT Football Market’s first super rare collection – GlobeNewswire

Spring Hill, Florida, United States, Aug. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — photo 2021 08 26 14 50 51NFTFootballMarket has just announce for a new launch for their collection of the best football stars. An NFT is a crypto asset that uses blockchain to record the ownership status of a digital object. An NFT represents the uniqueness that only a single owner is established.

Recently, many famous football clubs and stars in the world have collaborated with the developers of the NFT platform to launch their own collections to reach their fans

The combining of art, passion, and digital technology
This was impossible before but now has become reality. When the world is going through a difficult time with the Covid-19 pandemic, combining NFTs with the real world helps solve the problem of connecting fans and their “heroes” in the simplest way. To keep up with the trend, NFTFootballMarket launched a collection of the best football stars. With this NFT collection, fans can own exclusive and unique NFTs corresponding to each NFT card in the style of football stars or clubs around the world.

NFTFootballMarket (NFBM) completed the first 10 cards in a super rare collection featuring famous players from all over the world and has cooperated with Featured by Binance. With each football star card unique owned by only one individual, this increases the scarcity of each published card leads to escalation of value for these limited edition cards. By partnering with the world’s largest football fan communities, NFBM will gradually reach to fans around the world and create a fever for football fans and NFT technology in general.

The first 10 cards in this collection are published on Featured by Binance and only 100 cards is released to the market, creating limited access and unique ownership to each value of the NFT card. With a few simple step, you are able to own a NFT card with your favourite football stars or club, along with having the opportunity to increase income in this uncertain future.

NFTFootballMarket’s goal is to become a marketplace, which specializes in collecting and trading Non-fungible items and works of art based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain platform. With this, authors, creators, and owners can display their NFT collections and certify their history, origin, and more.

After creating NFTs, participants can begin to trade, and transfer right on NFTFootballMarket. Besides, artistic ideas about pictures, gifs, etc can be tokenized and exchanged directly on NFTFootballMarket.

The advantages of NFTFootballMarket are:
⁃ Create a creative source of inspiration with a diverse range of galleries inside.
⁃ Works of art are tokenized and easily exchanged.
⁃ Not only purchase and sell but users can hold them as an investment asset as well
⁃ NFTFootballMarket offers a variety of auctions and NFTs for the community.

NFTFootballMarket Token use case
NFBM is used to vote for work of art as a reward for users, and in the future, it can be staking or used as a replacement fee for BNB in the system. In addition, after being launched, NFTFootballMarket is expected to use NFBM to stake in different galleries of each author and creator on each of their profiles.

NFTFootballMarket has built an affiliate marketing system to promote the products with the most votes on websites (themed about Crypto, securities, investment, games, and more). Website owners with traffic can join with a high commission fee when an order is generated on an ad placed on their website. This is the starting point for a completely new ecosystem and is at the forefront of the NFT trend.