Linking ETFs and NFT, Ceresion’s Decentralized Sphere – GlobeNewswire

Linking ETFs and NFT, Ceresion’s Decentralized Sphere – GlobeNewswire

CHICAGO, Aug. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Ceresion has proundly announced the launching of its platform that allows exchange of ETFs which contain certain NFTs encrypted creations to be available in the crypto community. The rise of ETF is growing more and more attention for the investors who is looking for products cover different assets at the same time these products offer the ease of investment diversification. The perk of these products is that it helps investor to reduce risks and concentrate in certain sectors. Ceresion is shifting this idea into next level.

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Ceresion: unlocking ETF-NFT market

As a decentralized trading platform, Ceresion introduces the ETFs – NFTs exchange to the blockchain sphere. The advanced technology developed by Ceresion, offers a very user-friendly ecosystem for investors to trade fairly and openly. The blockchain technology helps investors to wipe off the cost of middlemen and brokers that traditional ETF trading market must interact with. The users and investors in Ceresion does not need to pay commissions and serve more on their profit, especially if their transaction gas fee is paid with their own issued currency, Ceresion Token.

The use of layer-2 Solutions gives Ceresion military-grade level security that the trading platform is transparent and anyone could review the ledge account, thus minimize the chance of frauds and insider trading. The Ceresion offer some unique features that makes the platform outstand from the traditional ETF markets.

Cross Chain: Ceresion operates with Ethereum and Polkadot chains at the same time with Binance Smart Chain integration. Which means investors can pour into market with differ investment capital.

Scalable: The layer 2 solution offers trading record and transaction to load off from the main net, at the same time all the transaction log and ledge account would be clearly view. As a result it would be more fast and reliable even if crowd of users and investors are growing in the future.

Fiat Gateway: The ability to convert profits in local currency is assured through dedicated fiat gateways, giving a high level of liquidity to traders.

Gamification: Investor could create their own ETFs structures and include different cryptocurrency and NFTs token (Digital Creations and licensed work). While the valuable assets value changes, the value of ETFs is growing as follow as well as at the same time the creator is awarded with NFT token, the incentives encourages trader to create more and more valuable assets into best basket of assets.

The Rise of ETFs

ETFs are becoming more and more popular in the world, 7.73 trillion US dollar has been traded in 2020 across more than 7600 types in the market. Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are financial products that derivative products that reflects the value of different assets combined as one. Ceresion is the first platform that combines ETFs to NFTs credited assts, in that way a single ETF investment would cover wide range of assets as diversifications. The investments in ETF saves a lot of time and effort for investors from spending time to come across reviewing the technical and fundamental indicators of caries assets and multiple securities.

Ceresion Tokenomics

Ceresion platform will be fuelled by its own issued Ceresion Token. This digital currency will be introduced in the mid of 2021 and limited quota would be set for only 100 million tokens that will be minted. The Ceresion team has set aside different Ceresion Token funding channels, such as 4 million specifically for the public users who will trade on the platform and the first private fund who conceals operating costs for it continue operations for the first 10 years. Second round investors includes institutional investors, seed funds, platform development, farming etc. The rest is set aside for public in the Aug of 2021.

The Ceresion Token serves three different purpose in Ceresion

Payments: Accessing and using different Ceresion services, although free from the intermediary commission, will require paying a transaction fee and Ceresion will be the primary token of payment.

Investment: the Ceresion Token itself is an investment tool and could be valued and exchanged across different cryptocurrency and NFT assets. And of course, invested in other ETFs directly with free of transaction fees.

DeFi: Ceresion Token investors will be able to stake in liquidity pools for yields.

Governance: Ceresion Token holders will be able to overview which ETF gets to be listed on the platform at first glance and invest them in first pace.

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