NFT Releases Provide Preds Fans with Unique Collectables in Digital Space – The Official Site of the Nashville Predators

nft releases provide preds fans with unique collectables in digital space the official site of the nashville predators

NFT Releases Provide Preds Fans with Unique Collectables in Digital Space – The Official Site of the Nashville Predators


The Predators hoped their first release in the world of Non-Fungible Tokens would sell out, but they never expected to do so in just 90 minutes.

That’s exactly what happened, however, as the first NFT in “The Origin Series” became available last week, and the demand was there. Nashville’s first foray into the space proved to be a success, and now, Launch No. 2 is here.

Following the release of the Gold Saber Skull, the Preds have unveiled a Silver Saber Skull on a Gold background as their second NFT with just 25 available for purchase via auction.

Clearly, the digital collectible space is garnering attraction, and the Predators are pleased to offer that option to their fanbase.

“That was really exciting just to see that our existing fans have some interest there,” Predators Director of Business Strategy and Intelligence Michael Rust said. “When we talk about NFTs, there’s always people who believe in sports and memorabilia and are collectors of that area. We’re hoping that’s going to be the crossover person into NFTs right, and I think maybe we did tap into that. We’re excited how fast it happened and that people are intrigued with what we’re doing in this space.”

So, what exactly are the Predators doing here, and – more importantly – what does all of this mean?

NFTs – or Non-Fungible Tokens – are unique digital assets that use blockchain technology. The Predators have partnered with Eco-friendly NFT creator Fanaply to produce scarce and therefore collectible and valuable NFTs.

Essentially, think of an NFT as a digital trading card whose original cannot be reproduced. Only a certain number of certified authentic NFTs are produced, and once they are gone, no more will be created.

NFTs are a new and fun way to collect memories, moments and other unique pieces of history from your favorite hockey team. Then, relive them at any time on your phone or computer as opposed to stored away collecting dust. Once fans claim their NFT, they can buy, sell or trade it on the Fanaply app or a secondary marketplace, and some NFTs may unlock special rewards, exclusive opportunities, discounts and other opportunities.

With the second launch in “The Origin Series,” fans may bid on one of the 25 available NFTs, with bids starting at $150 each. The auction will run through Friday, July 30, at 7 p.m. CT, and the top 25 bids will win, with the highest bid receiving No. 1 of 25, and so on.

The NFTs allow fans to make an impact on the community as well with a $35 donation in the buyer’s name made to the 365 Pediatric Cancer Fund presented by Twice Daily.

When it comes to this scope, the future is here, and the Preds are all in.

“We try to do things that are cutting edge, and we try to bring new things to our fans in general,” Rust said. “We want to show them that there are new things out there, and there are new ways that you can engage with the Nashville Predators. With this being one of those avenues in the digital space, it made a lot of sense to realize our fans can explore this and collect things digitally with us. We wanted to try it, to see what’s out there, find new fans and be able to grow their experience and our touch point with them.”

Only five NHL franchises have delved into the space, and Rust views the future as full of possibilities when it comes to a digital realm. Additional NFTs that unlock special perks, digital ticket stubs and more are just some of the ideas talked about in the cutting-edge scope, but with new technology, the possibilities are limitless.

Ultimately, the NFTs give Preds fans a way to collect a completely unique piece of franchise history, and for those who are loyal to Smashville, it doesn’t get much better.

“The coolest part is just trying something new, trying a new product that’s out there and just giving somebody a new way to show that they’re a fan,” Rust said. “That’s a great piece, and then anytime that you can tie this new business offering back to the Preds Foundation as well and generate support for our community partners, that’s huge. There’s endless possibilities about what we can do as a brand and as a franchise, and it’s very exciting.”