Riot Games: Valorant’s Killjoy does not enjoy NFTs – Polygon

Riot Games: Valorant’s Killjoy does not enjoy NFTs – Polygon

riot games valorants killjoy does not enjoy nfts polygon

Valorant, the competitive shooter from Riot Games, stars a cast of near future heroes and mercenaries with unique skillsets and personalities. One of these characters, Killjoy, briefly ended up in hot water on social media after accidentally providing some acclaim to a NFT artist.

Killjoy, the Genius of Germany, is meant to be a relatable character. As such, the official German Valorant account has been posting some slice-of-life content from her perspective. Killjoy is just like us! She plays League of Legends, enjoys going to the cafe, checks out local technology, and, uh … enjoys NFTs?

The Valorant account briefly posted an image of Killjoy at the museum, enjoying the works of Martin Houra … who sells his works as collections on the Ethereum blockchain.

Nobody liked this, and fans took to social media to make their distaste evident. The tweet was deleted within an hour of posting, and replaced with a statement which read: “Whoopsie! We’re always trying to give you new experiences and interesting facts on our local channels, including a look into Killjoy and her hometown of Berlin.”

“Since Killjoy loves programming, we wanted to introduce you to computer generated art from around the world. However, we were not aware that the selected work was an NFT. In no way did we intend to include NFTs as part of Killjoy’s work and hobbies.”

Well, there you have it — Killjoy isn’t into NFTs, and to be frank, if anyone on the Valorant cast was into NFTs it would definitely be her. Killjoy recently won many fans’ hearts after her prominent role in a recent cinematic, and her supporters are glad she’s not buying into NFTs, which is gaining a reputation as a toxic trend in gaming.

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