Storage Solutions for NFTs to retrieve assets from the crypto pool | NFT Storage Solution – Finextra

storage solutions for nfts to retrieve assets from the crypto pool nft storage solution

Storage Solutions for NFTs to retrieve assets from the crypto pool | NFT Storage Solution – Finextra

The recent explosion in the decentralized universe due to blockchain has invited a lot more than just opportunities. It has introduced a way of living for the next generation, which can genuinely mend the ways of Public and Private dealing according to the user’s needs. Blockchain leverages the vacant Hard Disk Drive (HDD) spaces to store the data all across the network nodes. Decentralized Storage exploited the loopholes left by the centralized cloud platform. Numbers speak that the data market will be shooting for the stars with the exponential expansion upto $88.91 billion by the end of 2022.

nft stroage solutions

How Decentral storage for NFT  works:

  • First, data to be stored is divided into data shards and is encrypted using hash methods for optimum security.

  • These shards are then replicated for redundancy purposes and continue to be distributed across the blockchain network.


IPFS stands for InterPlanetary Filling System. IPFS salvages the peer-to-peer file-sharing system to radically change the way information is distributed across the globe. IPFS consists of several communication protocols and systems which work on “content based addressing” and not the default “location based addressing.”

Centralized client-to-server communication has compromised the security, privacy, and efficacy of the shared data. That means data can be altered, modified, or can be even removed by a party in control.

IPFS implements the DHT Distributed Hash Table, a protocol that uses key\value pairs and uses the principle of decentralized storage for efficient scaling and browsing through data. The technical advancement of the DHT is its fault tolerance and scalability. Decentral storage using IPFS is made sure that the storage block is exact, unharmed, and unaffected.

In a nutshell, IPFS offers you to download a file from many locations on the internet regardless of whether it is managed by centralized storage or not.

Specialized Storage of NFTs.

The decentralized nature of file storing and downloading of IPFS makes it the best fit for NFT storage. 

Storing any object in the IPFS system will generate a unique CID number which is protected by the hash coding. This CID number will point towards the storage location of that particular object in the decentralized network. Have the CID number stored in the metadata of your minted NFT token. In this way, customers can securely save their CID as well as NFT inside the immutable smart contracts. Now, trading the NFT will automatically transfer the genuine item to its rightful owner without compromising its integrity.

nft strorage solution

These IPFS protocols are mainly used to store the off-chain NFTs and serve creators as well as market platform proprietors to store data securely in a decentralized way.

Advantages of IPFS for NFT

  • Users can conveniently view, store, and grab the file in the distributed system.

  • Simply upload the asset to IPFS storage, save the CID, and be done. Simple, fast, reliable, yet secure.

  • CID references immutability, and that will ensure that you are accessing your own NFT.

  • Store a large amount of NFT without stepping over the bandwidth cost.

  • The decentralized architecture of the storage completes the full circle of blockchain principles i.e., without the intervention of an intermediary.

  • Archive the data for as long as you want without the cluttering of duplication.

  • Takes off the burden of on-chain development by availing the fast and reliable access to data off-chain.

  • Can easily work with storage even with high latency of internet connection.

  • Safety from the middle man or attack from the rogue firmware in order to steal passwords and credentials.

  • Anchored to validated and verified teams to develop and market your product to maximize the gain.

  • Unlikely performance from the customer support team which will guide you to your destination without any delays.

  • A catalog of developmental services ranging from NFT minting to Marketplace to DeFi to Fundraising events. These services are highly bendable according to a client’s needs.