The Washington Nationals Have an NFT Now – Washingtonian

the washington nationals have an nft now washingtonian

The Washington Nationals Have an NFT Now – Washingtonian

800px Nationals Park opening week 2009

MLB is the latest to join the NFT craze. The sports league teamed up with NFT company Candy Digital to release the MLB Stadium Series, which features unique NFT editions of 30 baseball stadiums, including Nationals Park. Each NFT was created by California-based digital artist S. Preston, who pays homage to iconic elements of each stadium in each digital piece. The Nats Park NFT features the iconic Presidents Race that happens at every Nats home game.

If you are a Nats fanatic, you can bid on the Nationals Park Gold Edition NFT until Thursday night for a chance to win some pretty sweet perks, such as throwing the first pitch and a personalized Nats jersey. However, if you don’t want to take a gamble and drop over $2,000 (which is the current highest bid), you can also purchase a Nationals Park Steel Edition NFT for $100. Unfortunately, you only get the digital artwork and not free Nats tickets.