World’s First ASMR NFT Marketplace Being Launched August 3 with Festival – EIN News

worlds first asmr nft marketplace being launched august 3 with festival ein news

World’s First ASMR NFT Marketplace Being Launched August 3 with Festival – EIN News

Commemorative ASMR NFT offered free to users during festival

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, August 2, 2021 / — Blocto is dropping a commemorative ASMR NFT (autonomous sensory meridian response non-fungible token) for all users for free during an inaugural three-day online NFT festival, First Mint Fest, being held August 3-5.

Blocto is joining with xtingles, the world’s first ASMR NFT marketplace for artists to auction their ASMR digital art, to present the Mini Fest, which is where the combined entities will release their first NFT and celebrate the story of Blocto.

Blocto is a fast and seamless mobile app to buy and sell your favorite cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The B in the name stands for Bloctopus and the name also symbolizes tentacles that branch into all types of crypto and decentralized finance, or DeFi.

The Mini Fest includes streams, panels and prizes presented by Dapper Labs and NBA Top Shot. The iconic NFT being offered to festival-goers incorporates ASMR aspects of soft relaxing sounds of the ocean tied into Blocto’s homage to the Bloctopus.

NFTs are a certified digital asset that is stored on the blockchain. Through this technology, digital items such as art, music, clothes and game items are verifiable through proof of ownership. This presents digital creators an opportunity to create and sell their original art pieces that are verifiable and traceable through the blockchain ledger.

“This creates a vast potential for artists to pursue their careers full-time and to focus on creating and selling original art pieces with value that will not diminish with digital replication,” said portto/Blocto CEO Hsuan Lee.

In addition to the primary marketplace where artists sell their works to collectors for a certain amount of cryptocurrency, the xtingles platform offers a secondary market. Having a marketplace where users can buy and sell their collectibles means artists now have access to secondary sale royalties.

xtingles’ curated marketplace empowers the international community of artists to launch their ASMR work as NFTs and allows collectors to own NFTs that trigger pleasant experiences and memories. xtingles’ goal is to help NFT collectors and connoisseurs to discover personalized sensory soundscapes that can be uniquely theirs.

All artists go through a vetting process to ensure the artwork is original and has ASMR qualities.

Having recently closed out $8 million in fundraising with notable investors including Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou and Alameda Research, Blocto is an integrated cross-chain wallet service that enables users and developers to interact frictionlessly with cryptocurrencies, dApps and NFTs.

“portto/Blocto aims to bring our users new NFT experiences. xtingles and its iteration of ASMR NFT is one of a kind and we are thrilled to be giving out our ASMR NFTs. We hope this gift opens you to the limitless possibilities with NFTs,” Lee said. “Expanding into the lesser-tapped area of ASMR NFTs, we aim to establish a new foundation between ASMR and visual art.”

The collaborative NFT between Blocto and xtingles presents a serene oceanic landscape, an environment with themes and elements that inspire both brands.

The NFT’s surfacing icon showcases the aspect of freedom through weightlessness. Paired with the calming environment and soothing ASMR soundscapes crafted by the xtingles team, the NFT exudes the calming quality of ASMR. The NFT’s waves represent effortlessly floating.

“xtingles will not rest until 1 billion souls are touched by ASMR NFTs,” Lee said.

To sign up for the festival and claim a free Blocto ASMR NFT, visit


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